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         Hi, I'm Darrell Barker, I'm the guy on the left standing with my 87 year old dad, Norman Barker. We just had a barbequed pulled-pork lunch at Waldo's in Mesa, Arizona. 

      I like to consider myself a Woodsmith  Craftsman. I've been working with wood  for over 31 years and have built many  pieces of fine furniture, from coffee tables  and bookcases to even a large 183 lb oak  pulpit for a church once. 

     My Custom Adirondack Chair features three carefully chosen and 
handcrafted naturally warm woods; Oak, Ponderosa Pine & Douglas Fir. A smooth clear polyurethane brings out the rich grains of each wood where no stain could.  I use hand tools near the same way they did back in the 1800s in cutting and shaping these select woods to precision.

     I've built into the chair is an Oak Breakfast Table insert that stores under the seat when not in use, 2 hinged swing-out Cup Holders nestled under each armrest. (An average aluminum soda can fits nicely but too, in mine, I have cherry pipe tobacco in one and a 23 year old meerschaum pipe waiting in the other.)

       Additionally, built in is a convenient swing-out Foot Stool that extends and contracts with the pull of a rope/handle weaved through the seat slats. This footstool is also tucked under the seat with large storage capacity inside made for a blanket or books and magazines, and then, this unique chair is designed with a 27" wide "deep-cut" seat to accommodate a large bed-pillow for that "all afternoon" reading comfort. 

      You'll enjoy knowing that this custom chair is built around your body size because before I begin to build yours I require the measurements of your leg length from the inside of your knee down to your foot, and then from the inside of the knee to your back. 

      Ok, I'm only building 100 of these before I leave this world. They are Limited and Stamp-Numbered Editions, I'm currently at 34/100 and only building one a month ensures yours is of the highest time-tested quality too.

My residence and workshop are on a forested peninsula in the Evergreen State Of Washington, USA. Call 
360 463 7934 for to reserve your personalized patio chair. 

Too, I'd consider bartering with my chair, say,   .  .  .  for something of equal value in trade.  
Like,   .  .  . oh,   .  .  . a Harley Fat Boy? Or maybe a wood kayak or a vintage boat? ..........
Don't be shy, I'd be a fool not to consider a serious offer in trade. :-)....................................

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